Industrial Waste Stream Optimization

Industrial waste stream optimization provides two big benefits to your balance sheet: cost savings and additional revenue.

InStream takes your waste stream headaches away and lets you focus on your core business.

Optimizing the process often increases revenue, reduces expenses and realizes value from decommissioned equipment and obsolete inventory.

Industrial waste stream optimization begins with InStream’s Maximized Recovery Analysis. Find out how to improve the collection and value of recyclable waste produced during the manufacturing process. Discover hidden costs and potential savings. Get a better understanding of the recycling revenue potential that may currently be dormant within your plant (or plants). In fact, whenever there is an opportunity to evaluate multiple plants, there exists even greater potential due to the combining of volumes.

Manufacturing Performance Optimization

Improving operational performance is the cornerstone of manufacturing profits. InStream can dramatically improve your revenue potential and process efficiency. We take a holistic approach to streamlining your entire waste management operation:

  1. InStream maintains the flow of the recovery process and monitors the financial impact of your manufacturing by-products.
  2. InStream works with you to establish best practices that can reduce time spent in reclamation efforts.
  3. InStream seeks to become an extension of your staff, not a competitor with your current relationships
  4. InStream keeps at the forefront the recovery of your organization’s assets and investments, not merely managing items historically or unfairly considered “junk, trash, or scrap.”
  5. InStream can spearhead and facilitate the reduction of transactions and greatly reduce non-value added work for your staff.

We manage and troubleshoot day-to-day waste stream removal so you can stay focused on production.

Get the insight you need to optimize your company’s revenue performance. Talk to an InStream professional to discuss your unique operation.

Asset Recovery

You may be missing big revenue opportunities now dormant in the form of obsolete inventory or old equipment. InStream’s professionals are well-qualified to offer a real-world valuation of these items and manage special projects that may arise periodically. Many of our customers have a broad footprint and require a comprehensive look at the scope of unrealized asset recovery. Whether your industrial footprint is large or small, InStream has the resources to provide comprehensive and real-world valuations of unrealized assets such as obsolete inventory or outdated equipment, as well as facilitate projects such as lighting refits, dismantling, demolition, or rework.

Contact an InStream professional today and get started with your custom assessment of the potential within your own manufacturing waste stream.