Recycling Revenue

We employ a mill direct approach to maximize your revenue derived from recyclable streams. We constantly monitor the various markets to make sure that you receive the benefit of the market and subsequent movements. Most organizations rely on publications to justify this revenue stream.  These publications print regional averages. InStream utilizes a mill or foundry-direct method for monitoring the markets, and by doing this we are not using averages but actual transaction pricing. This method typically produces greater recycling revenue.

We take on your manufacturing waste headaches so that you can focus on your core business.

Talk to InStream and find out how much money can be found in your manufacturing waste stream. Our Maximized Recovery Analysis can tell you, to the penny, the revenue potential of your metal, paper (OCC), plastics, wood and other universal industrial manufacturing waste products. We start by carefully analyzing your current manufacturing waste volumes and their disposal cost(s). We then perform, at our own cost, our field assessment at your facility (or facilities). Generally within 30 days we present our detailed findings and recommendations to you.

You are under no obligation once the Analysis is complete and we have made our presentation to your company. However, most of our clients are very happy with the findings, accept our recommendations, and begin receiving a check from us almost immediately.

Intelligent waste stream management should take costs out and add money in to your operation

Make money, save money… at the same time!

It’s a win-win situation. You get money for material clogging up your manufacturing floor. You also get to take costs out of your operation because InStream manages the storage and removal process.

Two more benefits: credit for being environmentally responsible and peace of mind that comes from having your materials’ final disposition verified.

Contact us today and discuss how you can begin to capture revenue from your manufacturing waste stream.