Is your manufacturing operation throwing money away?
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A successful environmental recovery program begins with the careful scoping and assessment. InStream provides an industry-leading solution called “Maximized Recovery Analysis” (MaxRA).

MaxRA is a comprehensive assessment of a single- or multi-location industrial manufacturing organization that precisely defines the waste stream’s potential for increased revenue and reduced operational costs. Required as a first step to top-performing reclamation program, it is offered with no obligation. It’s our way of adding value to your operation.

InStream offers this valuable, detailed multi-page analysis at no cost to qualified clients and prospects. Once the Maximized Recovery Analysis is completed you are not required to become an InStream client, nor to pay any fees associated with the Analysis.

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Is InStream’s solution right for you?

InStream clients are typically industrial manufacturers who generate volumes of metal, paper (such as Old Cardboard Containers or OCC), plastics, wood and other universal waste products. Such commodities generated as part of the manufacturing process are referred to in aggregate as “the waste stream”.

Very often elements of the waste stream are collected in various storage containers and disposed of in landfills. Sometimes companies have recovery processes in place to collect and recycle these materials. At other times manufacturing plants are in the early stages of developing their recovery program.

No matter the current maturity level of a plant’s recycling program, in nearly every case InStream adds value to the operation. We start with a professional assessment of the waste stream and the potential it represents both for revenue and expense reduction. We conclude with a turn-key industrial waste stream management solution that puts money in your pocket, takes expenses out of the operation, and improves your environmental sustainability ranking.

InStream carefully analyzes the waste stream to ensure that no value is left unrealized, both tangible and intangible. In addition to having a team of experts with many years of industrial manufacturing experience to provide best-practice advice, the company can provide the market’s best price for valuable commodities via its contacts and buy/sell relationships with local, regional and national buyers of recycled material.

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How it works

The Maximized Recovery Analysis is established by a confidential review of your current waste stream. After entering into a binding non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement, we begin the assessment at your facility (or facilities). We require access to the person or persons responsible for maintaining the records of waste material and contracts with existing suppliers. If there are existing contracts with recycling service providers already in place, InStream provides as part of the process a free, un-biased review of the rates and contractual parameters to ensure you are getting the best price(s). Such review is contingent upon contractual agreements with current vendors.

Because we maintain connections with most of the major industry players, we are able to provide an impartial and unbiased assessment of your current arrangement and make qualified statements as to whether or not they may be improved.

Thereafter, the decision is up to you. In some cases we are unable to recommend substantial improvement, but in most cases InStream clients are rewarded with substantial revenue gain, greatly reduced overhead costs, customized reporting, and a simplified supply chain.

We think that our Maximized Recovery Analysis will lead to a happy customer, and we’re so confident of our ability to add value to your operation we put our money where our mouth is. We offer this valuable analysis at no cost to qualified industrial companies and make no requirements as to a future relationship. It is truly a value-based service offering.

The next step

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We keep your information in strict confidence. We do not collect your information for any reason other than to respond to your request for immediate contact in the matter of performing a confidential Maximized Recovery Analysis for your firm. A signed, legally-binding confidentiality agreement will be provided upon request as well as valid, industry references.