We’re proud to be in an area defined by manufacturing growth


Forbes has listed the Greenville area as tied with Knoxville as the best city for jobs this Spring. With an explosion of job growth in the automotive and aeronautical industries in the recent past it’s no wonder that our cozy home is making some noise in the national media.

Growth in manufacturing means more industrial waste streams and we at InStream look forward to helping our current and future clients tackle the problems that growth can create.


What the EPA’s Incinerator Proposal Means to You


In a move that may have significant implications for industrial manufacturers, the EPA proposed changes to the Clean Air Act standards for Boilers and Incinerators. The measure will be of particular concern to many who maintain industrial boilers and the few who operate solid waste incinerators.

While the measure has taken the form of a “proposal”, it signals the intent and thinking of the federal government with respect to its approach to industrial waste stream monitoring.

You can read the EPA’s version of the proposal as posted here on their site. We will be keeping a close eye on developments related to this proposal, so feel free to keep an eye on this blog.

The EPA continues to acknowledge that small percentage of boilers and incinerators will be affected by this proposed regulation. And while the “targets” are said to be a small part of the many currently in use, the important question is “Does your waste incinerator fall within that small percent?”

A good question, and one that deserves an honest answer from your operations team.

US manufacturing rising despite overseas decline

Bloomberg writes an interesting post contrasting the rise of US manufacturing despite the declines in overseas markets. While the signs are not free of concern, the output and expectation for US manufacturing appears to be relatively positive.
As is usually the case, with increased manufacturing output comes the demand to adequately manage the waste stream.  With an increase in output comes another opportunity of increase, revenue from recovery of reclyclable waste stream. Be sure to include waste stream management in your own manufacturing forecast.