We take on your manufacturing waste headaches so that you can focus on your core business.

Have environmental initiatives, objectives, or corporate mandates such as increasing recycling rates, diverting your material from the landfill or achieving ZWTL (zero waste to landfill)?  Let InStream provide a free audit and explore alternative homes for your material, help you become more compliant in the area of detailed reporting, mitigate your expenses and environmental exposure, and train your staff on RCRA and/or DOT requirements.

InStream Environmental provides comprehensive management of your waste stream, helping you create and maintain a viable revenue stream.

We employ best practices to reduce environmental impact. Increasingly, many of your customers are called upon by their wholesalers and retailers to operate within environmental guidelines. InStream helps you achieve, maintain and document these standards.

We manage your day-to-day waste stream, anticipating and handling all your needs. We’re your on-call waste management consultants–without the big consulting fee.

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We’ll show you how much income your recovery should be generating at today’s prices. To date our Maximized Recovery Analysis and subsequent programs have led to the recovery of approximately 437.4 million pounds of industrial waste!

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Waste Stream Commodities


Although most likely already viewed as a revenue stream, Instream can review how, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recycled.  We also will review the ways this material is gathered, contained, and processed to see if any improvements can be made.  By using our Mill-Direct approach to market your materials as well as having thorough knowledge of the markets, we can ensure that you will receive the optimal return for this asset base.


Recycled paper can be a revenue generator depending on the volumes produced at your facility. Post-consumer paper waste such as old corrugated containers (OCC), office paper, mixed paper (RMP), old magazines and old newspapers are all types of recyclable paper. InStream will assess the viability of a baler or compactor for your facility and constantly search for the best market prices for your paper waste while ensuring a high level of service.


Almost every manufacturer produces some type of scrap plastic, from HDPE (harder, denser plastic like that of a detergent bottle) to PET (plastic bottles in your cafeteria or break room). InStream will help you recycle these materials and other types of plastic like PVC, polystyrene or LDPE (trays, containers, plastic wrap). With enough volume, plastic waste can actually turn into a revenue stream!


Whether your facility generates pallets, crates, broken skids, wooden boxes, or wood waste, we look for opportunities to recycle and divert from the landfill.  We also work towards finding better methods to store and remove this waste stream, once again looking for opportunities to reduce expenses.


Universal waste is a general term referring to E-Scrap, like circuit boards, computer equipment, monitors, printers, etc.  Also in this category may be batteries, light tubes, toner cartridges, and others.  Instream will manage this waste stream to ensure that all items are properly recycled in accordance with federal and state mandates and look for ways to reduce the related expenses.