We have the solutions to your waste management and recycling problems.

InStream can be your on-call, comprehensive recycling and waste management business partner. We help you create and maintain a viable revenue stream by managing your day-to-day waste needs more efficiently. We do not charge a separate maintenance or support fee. We earn our fees from a revenue sharing arrangement with you.

How our process works to solve your problems
Step 1: The process begins with InStream signing a binding, mutual non-disclosure agreement.
Step 2: Next, we begin a free assessment at your facilities. We require access to your waste material. If there are contracts already in place with recycling service providers, InStream includes an objective review of the rates and terms to ensure you are getting the best price. (Note: Such review is contingent upon contractual agreements you have with your current vendors.)
Step 3: Once our analysis is complete, we present a written proposal to you called a MaxRA. Based on our experience, 7 out of 10 assessments result in a Waste Management System which rewards our customer with substantial improvements and greatly reduced overhead costs.
Keep in mind, we do not charge implementation fees or monthly administration fees. We earn every dollar we make by generating revenue or savings for you.

Sound good to you? Here’s the next step:
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Generate Revenue from Your Waste/Recycling Stream!

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Waste and Recycling Streams We Manage Everyday


As a revenue stream, InStream can review how both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recycled. We also will review the ways material is gathered and processed to see if any improvements can be made.

Paper - OCC

Recycled paper can be a revenue generator depending on the volumes produced at your facility. Post-consumer paper waste such as old corrugated containers (OCC), office paper, and mixed paper (MOP) are all types of recyclable paper. InStream will assess the viability of a baler or compactor for your facility and constantly search for the best market prices for your paper waste while ensuring a high level of service.


Almost every manufacturer produces some type of scrap plastic, from HDPE (harder, denser, plastic like that of a detergent bottle) to PET (plastic bottles in your cafeteria or break room). InStream will help you recycle these materials and other types of plastic like PVC, PP (polystyrene), or LDPE (trays, containers, plastic wrap). With enough volume, plastic waste can actually turn into a revenue stream.


Whether your facility generates pallets, crates, broken skids, wooden boxes, dunnage, or wood waste, we look for opportunities to recycle and divert from the landfill. We also work towards finding better methods to handle this waste stream, once again looking for opportunities to reduce expenses.


This category contains batteries, light bulbs, toner cartridges, and ballasts. InStream will manage this waste stream to ensure that all items are properly recycled in accordance with federal and state mandates and look for ways to reduce the related expenses.


Typically managed by IT departments such as laptops, circuit boards, hard drives, mother boards, monitors, keyboards, and mice. Some items may generate a rebate.

Solid Waste

Normal plant trash such as paper, plastics, cardboard, wood waste, bathroom and break room trash.


Regulated and non-regulated wastes such as oils and debris.


Disposable or launderable materials such as rags, pigs, mats, cloths, and floor mats

Bottles & Cans

Includes plastic bottles and beverage cans.

Here’s the bottom line:

Managing waste streams and recycling is a complicated process. Too often companies don’t have expert professionals available and end up spending scarce resources solving a problem that is unrelated to their customer or their core business.  That problem is exactly the one our company exists to solve.

Our waste management systems pay off.  We transform waste management and recycling problems into net revenue generation.  Contact us now for your solution.  No up-front cost or obligation.