Optimizing Your Waste Management

The benefits to optimizing your Waste Stream Management are two fold: first, you benefit from a revenue gain, that’s hard dollars to your bottom line; second, you’ll enjoy significant productivity increases in your operations.

Manufacturing Performance Optimization

Improving operational performance is the cornerstone of manufacturing profits. InStream can dramatically improve your revenue potential and the efficiency of your recycling processes. We take a holistic approach to streamlining your entire waste management operation by:

  • Maintaining the flow of the recovery process and monitoring the financial impact of your manufacturing by-products.
  • Working with you to establish best practices that can reduce time spent in reclamation efforts.
  • Seeking to become an extension of your staff, not a competitor to your current structure.
  • Keeping at the forefront the recovery of your organization’s assets and investments.
  • Spearheading and facilitating the reduction of transactions, while greatly reducing non-value-added workload on your staff.
  • Managing and troubleshooting day-to-day waste stream removal so you can stay focused on production.

Asset Recovery

You may be missing big revenue opportunities in the form of obsolete inventory or old equipment.

InStream’s professionals are well-qualified to offer a real-world scrap evaluation of these items and manage special projects that may arise periodically. Many of our customers have a broad footprint and require a comprehensive look at the scope of unrealized asset recovery.

Whether your industrial footprint is large or small, InStream has the resources to provide comprehensive evaluations of unrealized assets such as obsolete inventory or outdated equipment, as well as facilitate projects such as cleanups, lighting refits, dismantling, demolition, or rework.

Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

InStream works to increase your environmental sustainability so your product is more attractive to buyers. Many industrial manufacturers are required by their customer to provide environmental impact studies and certifications. In fact, most larger corporations require all vendors to adhere to environmental impact standards, including the measurement of recycled materials. InStream’s professional manufacturing environmental analysis can help to enhance these data deliverables.

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