To do the MaxRA right, we need more information.

You know the old saying, “Garbage In. Garbage Out”?  Well, that’s true in this case.  The more we know, the better Maximized Recovery Analysis we can do – and the more money you can save,  up front.

So, we’d like to know more about your company and your waste/recycling streams.  We have prepared an inquiry form that will gather all we need to know in one place.

Before you fill it out, please be sure  you have our signed Non-Disclosure Agreement in hand.  We’ll be happy to use your form or we have a prepared version on-hand that will work fine.  The NDA make us legally responsible for securing the information and safeguarding it from unauthorized viewing and use.

Let us know if you have questions about how to provide the information.  If you have attachments that will be useful,  please send them, after securing the documents with a password or using a protected cloud server such as DropBox.

We want  you to know that we keep customer information confidential and private.  It is never shared outside our company and only with employees who have a need to know.

Thank You For Taking the Time to Fill in Our Form.

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Thank you very much for the time you spent providing the information.  We understand form-filling is probably not your most favorite thing to do.  

We’ll carefully analyze your information and begin our work.  We’re very likely to have questions, so bear with us. 

Our contact information:

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