Waste Management Assessment

InStream carefully analyzes your company’s waste streams to ensure that no value is left unrealized, both tangible and intangible. Our assessment covers all the bases.

How we analyze and report your waste management improvement potential:

The data needed for effective waste management arises from our analysis of your facilities and related history. We require cooperation of the personnel responsible for maintaining the records of waste material and contracts with existing suppliers.

InStream deploys a team of experts with many years of industrial manufacturing experience to prepare best-practice advice. In addition, the company’s research data discloses the best price for valuable commodities via its contracts and buy/sell relationships with local, regional, and national buyers of recycled material.

Because we maintain connections with most of the major industry players, we are able to provide an impartial and unbiased assessment of your current arrangement and make qualified statements as to whether or not they may be improved.

Once our analysis is complete, we present a written waste management program to you called a MaxRA (Maximized Recovery Analysis). The proposal sets forth exactly the specific procedures (means and methods) required to generate revenue and conserve costs. If you decide to proceed, we’ll prepare a time line for each deliverable stage.

Generate Revenue from Your Waste/Recycling Stream!

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Here’s the bottom line:

Managing waste streams and recycling is a complicated process. Too often companies don’t have expert professionals available, and end up spending scarce resources solving a problem that is unrelated to the customer or the core business.  That problem is exactly the one our company exists to solve.

Our waste management systems pay off on your bottom line.  We transform waste management and recycling problems into net revenue generation.  Contact us now for your solution.